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Rehabs in Lowndes

Rehabs in Lowndes

Lowndes is a county in the state of Georgia in the USA. According to the 2010 census, the population was 109,233. The county was named for William Jones Lowndes, who had been a remarkable South Carolina Lawyer and Congressman. There are many attractive places for tourists. Alongside many advantages, there is a drawback. That is, it is considered to be the most addicted county in the entire state of Georgia. As to the Center for Disease Control research, Georgia has reported 1,500 drug-related deaths in a single year. Consequently, the most deaths are in Lowndes County.

Drug and alcohol use matters in every part of America. Lowndes is not an exception. For this purpose, many rehab centers have been built to support addicted people. Lowndes rehabs provide a set of recovery options. Those are as follows:

  • Long-term
  • Short-term
  • Free
  • Low cost
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient 

Each of these types has its specific purpose. Depending on the level of addiction, your therapist will choose the best option for you. 


Once you become an addicted person and want to get rid of that addiction as soon as possible, you will need to attend a rehab center for recovery. The recovery option depends on the level of your substance abuse. The inpatient medication is for more severe cases. To clarify, you should stay at the clinic for 24 hours for a full recovery. During that period you pass through different kinds of treatment processes, and therapies both individually and in groups. No matter what kind of rehabilitation center you attend, your first vital step must be medical detox. It aims to release your body from harmful substances, before the main medication process. The inpatient facility will provide you with comfortable accommodations, controlled environments, 24-hour supervision, and also positive social support. 


This type of rehabilitation is for mild cases. You do not need to stay at the clinic overnight. You just need to attend a few times a week and a few hours a day, depending on the level of your addiction. There are cases when individuals attend outpatient rehabs after inpatient ones for aftercare purposes. It is worthy to mention that there is an advantage here. That is you can get the support of your relatives and loved ones. 

Another advantage is that the prices are lower here, as you do not have to pay for the accommodation. After coming to therapy, you can get back to your usual lifestyle. If you manage to decide the level of your drug and alcohol addiction properly and choose the right treatment type, you will have a satisfactory result in the end. 


There are no fixed fees for the medication process. The prices can vary between each facility. Some programs are free, and there are procedures, which cost thousands of dollars a day. To clarify, there is always a treatment option for you as to your budget.

Some facilities offer financial aid, and options and get the payment by insurance. The last one is the most common way. But if you do not have insurance yet, you can get the help of different types of charity groups, government organizations, and so on.

It is worthy to mention that luxury rehabs are the most expensive, they may cost tens of thousands of dollars per month. On the contrary, there are organizations that offer free treatment for people who are in need. The well-known one is The Salvation Army

How To Force Your Teen Into Rehab? 

Being a parent of an addicted teen makes you a nervous and anxious person all day long. You must do nothing but become his best friend. Forcing him to do something may do more harm than good. You are to use a calm tone while speaking to him and speak about changes that you have noticed in his behavior. You must explain the importance of the rehab facilities.