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Rehabs in Bartow

Rehabs in Bartow

Georgia's northwest is where Bartow County is situated. The population was 100,157 as of the 2010 Census. Cartersville is the county seat.

The county has a large population. But being so densely populated has the potential to lead to greater rates of drug use and fatal overdoses. There are many ways that addiction can ruin a person's life, yet there is still hope for recovery. Finding the best treatment program for your requirements is crucial, but deciding to get help is a brave and vital first step.

Rehabs in Bartow County provide different types of healing plans. The article will give you the whole info you need to make the right choice. So, keep reading and start a new life.


Bartow County has luxury, inpatient, and outpatient centers. These facilities offer therapy for 30 days, 60 days, three months, or even a full year. For people with dual disorders, seniors, men, women, or teenagers, specialized rehab plans might be accessible.

However, not all centers are created equal; some offer higher-quality care than others. Before allowing your loved one to take part in treatment, you should always try to do some research on a clinic.


The early stage of treatment is detox. Its only aim is to prepare the body and psyche for treatment.

The difficult process of withdrawal has an impact on your body, mind, and emotions. Severe symptoms include irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties, seizures, vomiting, and elevated blood pressure. When a medical team is on your side, you have a better chance of successfully finishing detox. 


Because you remain at the recovery center, inpatient rehab is also known as residential. People with serious drug or alcohol addictions, especially those who are also coping with other mental health issues, may find success at this level. You can escape the urge and outside influences that lead to substance usage by residing in the recovery clinic. A healthy home environment aids in your recuperation.

Licensed facilities provide intensive care and support around the clock. Their healing plans include the three stages of recovery: detox, meditation, and growth. There are residential recovery plans that are both long-term and short-term. Long-term residential facilities often require patients to stay from six months to a year, but short-term facilities only need patients to stay for three to six weeks. 


Outpatient rehab is routine treatment in a clinic, such as therapy, counseling, or group sessions. People opting for this kind of therapy can continue to live at home while recovering. That enables them to look after children or other family members, maintain their employment, and continue their education. Although outpatient care is frequently less expensive than inpatient rehabilitation, the quality of assistance could be less intense. 

Depending on the needs and characteristics of each patient, other models, such as intense day healing, may offer services and efficacy on par with residential ones according to the National Institute on Drug abuse.

Partial Hospitalization Program 

PHP is for people with severe addiction symptoms. You typically need an intensive level of care if you are leaving inpatient care or if you have severe obstacles to a residential one. At this stage, stabilizing symptoms and minimizing substance usage are the main therapy goals.

PHP helps you heal permanently at your own speed using the most cutting-edge methods and skilled physicians. In PHP, you will join a range of groups facilitated by our team of professionals who use the most recent evidence-based approaches.

Aftercare Support 

To lower the chance of relapse, aftercare programs can provide patients with resources and assistance to help them cope with the challenges of reentering their lives drug- or alcohol-free. 

Clients may get aftercare through outpatient programs, and 12-step programs in secret groups. They can get group therapy, job counseling, coaching and goal-setting, as well as, financial planning and budget support, and a variety of other services.