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Rehabs in Jones

Rehabs in Jones

Jones is a small county with a population of 28,669 located in central Georgia. The province is known as being a prime cotton land in the 19th century. The population was mainly focused on agriculture, in particular peach and pepper production.

Gray is the seat and is offering affordable lifestyles to families and businesses. There are also tourist attractions, such as Piedmont Wildlife Refuge.

There are programs targeted at the development of the healthcare system. One of them is assisting citizens with healthcare and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the locals still face problems with drug and alcohol addiction. There is also a problem with finding rehabs in Jones County, as most of the facilities are in nearby regions.

This article will cover ways to cope with dependence in central Georgia.

Substance Abuse Statistics

Opioids have become a real disaster in Georgia. More than 67% of all drug overdose deaths in the state are related to opioids. According to the research, stimulant-related overdose deaths were also recorded here.

However, finding an accessible clinic in rural areas is a difficult task. The researchers found that 71 counties out of 159 do not have access to a methadone clinic. They believe that having more centers in the area could help in improving the situation.

According to researchers, to make it work, the facility has to be within a 15-minute drive. Let’s discover what medication-assisted treatment is and why it is important.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

The use of medication combined with counseling is the way to treat substance use disorders. The clinics use methadone or other substances to treat opioid use disorders. The doctors prescribe medications to use for months and even years. Bear in mind that quitting them suddenly might be dangerous and the patient has to consult the physician.

When searching for such therapy, the nearest is Pinnacle Treatment Centers. It also provides individual counseling and other services. Anyway, before prescribing it, the experts will ask you to pass an intake assessment.


Before enrolling in any program, the patient has to undergo an assessment by a specialist. The admission expert would guide you through this process. It is a face-to-face interview with a counselor who determines your condition.

To take pills, an individual must complete the evaluation as well. Additionally, a urine test might be necessary.

The centers usually have fixed hours to undergo assessment. You have to contact the facility near you to check all conditions.

Types of Treatment in Jones County Rehabs

In general, there are various types of programs for people suffering from drug abuse. Overall, you should choose one once you consult a doctor. A specialist would check the symptoms to recommend either inpatient or outpatient care.


Inpatient programs offer care to a patient under the 24-hour supervision of medical staff. Most centers have group therapy. For example, 12-step programs enable patients to offer support to each other during a similar recovery path. Such treatment may last from 6 to 12 months.

The main goal of such rehabs is to develop personal responsibility for recovery. Thus, an individual can focus on intensive therapy and not be distracted by a harmful environment.

Such services are available at River Edge Behavioral Health, which is only a 20-minute drive from Jones County.


Outpatient programs offer more mobility. Therefore, you can continue attending classes or working before or after the sessions. The therapy is available both in groups and individually.

In general, this model is good once you finish the inpatient care. It is a way to avoid a relapse and continue your normal life without quitting therapy.

Payment Options

Payment options vary depending on the facility. Most accept credit cards and cash. Other methods include state-financed health insurance, loans, private pay, and more. There is also an option to raise funds through crowdfunding. In addition, clinics have sliding scale fees that depend on the client’s income and other factors.