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Rehabs in Jenkins

Rehabs in Jenkins

Jenkins is a small county created in 1905 in Georgia. It was named after governor Charles Jones Jenkins. An area with only 3,214 households is known for its beautiful parks and landscapes.

Its seat Millen is home to Magnolia Springs State Park. It is a beautiful park that boasts of having mailboxes on the water. Moreover, it is the only river route for mail delivery in the U.S.

Sadly, the province still experiences problems related to substance abuse. In general, Georgia faced an unprecedented increase in opioid overdose rate. Opioid overdose deaths went up by 36% in 2020. Furthermore, the rate among those aged 15-24 is increasing, which is extremely dangerous.

The local authorities make huge efforts to improve the situation. They try to engage all stakeholders throughout the region to respond to the epidemic.

The small areas are more vulnerable. Not everyone can afford rehabilitation. In addition, some centers are located too far. This article will help understand what services you can get in Jenkins County rehabs.

Rehabilitation Programs

Before searching for a particular center, let’s learn more about the available therapy options. In general, the patient chooses between inpatient and outpatient care. This depends on the symptoms and the present condition. However, there are two vital steps that one has to take.

Addiction Assessment

The professional counselor first has to examine the level of addiction. The more information he gets, the more efficient recovery will be. This is usually a face-to-face screening during which a doctor will ask about drug use and mental state.

Bear in mind that the patient has to be ready to speak about the previous diagnosis. A treatment plan is developed based on these facts. The specialist may also ask to provide urine and blood samples.


Detoxification might be a stressful process. However, it is a vital component of a full recovery. Going through self-detox is fraught with harmful consequences. Therefore, the best option is to clean your body under the supervision of experienced medical staff.

Depending on the condition, doctors administer medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Once the two previous stages are complete, you continue healing in a place that fits your needs. The medics will recommend whether to choose inpatient or outpatient care.

This depends on various factors:

  • Severity of substance abuse disorder

  • Mental health condition

  • Family conditions

Inpatient care is offered in a hospital or a residential center. The point is that you are always under supervision and focused on recovery. The average duration is around 28 days.

Outpatient therapy is provided in the form of sessions that you can attend several times a week. After a session, you are free to go back to your daily routine. This program is obviously more affordable. In addition, it helps a patient to avoid a relapse after he finishes his residential therapy.

Jenkins County Rehab Centers

When searching for a nearby facility, you may discover that the options are limited here. However, it is not a reason to cancel your treatment plans. It takes less than 60 minutes to drive to reach the high-quality center.

A few options that you may consider:

  • New Beginning in Christ is a facility founded by a fully recovered alcoholic. It offers recovery for men suffering from chemical dependence.

  • Pineland is a non-profit organization assisting children and adults with addiction challenges.

  • Bluff is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility offering residential programs and sober living residences.

Luxury Rehabs

During the look-up, you may find so-called luxury clinics. They offer exceptional amenities and the best environment for healing. They provide comfortable rooms with stunning views, a pool, music therapy, and other services. Thus, they focus on the environment to improve the curing process.

Anyway, these clinics also accept health insurance plans. In similar centers, specialists help you in working with the insurance company to get more coverage.