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Rehabs in Laurens

Rehabs in Laurens

Laurens County is located in central Georgia. It is the fourth-largest province in the state. Its seat Dublin is also referred to as the Emerald City. A city with southern charm, Dublin is famous for its St. Patrick’s festival traditionally held in March.

However, along with numerous advantages, the problem of excessive drinking and drug addiction still exists. The number of opioid deaths has been increasing in Georgia. Moreover, some experts call it an opioid epidemic that started in the 1990s and continues up to date.

The local authorities spare no effort to prevent the disaster. Before it develops into addiction, opioid abuse can be prevented through awareness and education. The healthcare departments also launched a campaign. They informed the locals about the need to use naloxone as a short-term treatment for overdose.

Treatment Options

Drug overdose statistics continue to worsen throughout the country. Anyway, change is always possible in case of support and the right treatment. The first step is to admit that you need rehabilitation. This is especially difficult when it comes to teens. Therefore, it is better to contact professionals to consider all options.

It will not be a problem to find the most suitable rehab in Laurens County, as there are great clinics offering a wide range of services.

Generally, a person suffering from addiction will have to undergo several stages:

  • Evaluation

  • Detoxification

  • Inpatient or outpatient care

  • Aftercare and regular checkups

The assessment of the patient’s condition is critical for building a foundation for recovery. A screening by a counselor will decide what type of treatment fits you most. In addition, the expert determines if an individual needs medical detox.


Detox is the process of cleaning your body of harmful substances. In contrast to a self-detox experience, here the patient undergoes it in a controlled environment. Strict rehab rules and the absence of triggers prove to be efficient. Combined with medication, counseling helps in dealing with withdrawal symptoms. In addition, you focus on replacing addiction with new skills here.

Inpatient Rehab

In case of severe symptoms, a person has to be under medical supervision 24/7. The inpatient programs offer residential care with medical staff constantly monitoring your condition.

Outpatient Rehab

On the other hand, outpatient care is designed for mild cases. Even though you continue receiving care, you do not quit your daily activities. The advantage is you can attend group therapy where you can exchange experiences with other patients.

Addiction Services in Laurens County Rehab Centers

When choosing the best facility, you have to consider several metrics. Costs, rehab services, and therapy approaches may vary. Let’s inspect some centers to find the best facility in Dublin and the neighborhood.

  • New Beginnings Recovery is a residential facility for women that helps overcome chemical dependence and underlying conditions. It also offers a sober living residential cultivating a drug-free lifestyle.

  • Christian Recovery Center has inpatient and outpatient programs that include supervised detox, case management, and 12-step meetings.

  • Georgia’s Men’s Center is a facility focused on long-term recovery. It includes spiritual healing to build a foundation for the return to a sober life.

  • Promise of Hope has two different buildings for men and women. The program focuses on stabilization and deep engagement in a drug-free environment. The center expects the individuals to remain enrolled for at least 9 months.

Therapy Costs

Pricing usually depends on amenities and other factors. Generally, residential care is expensive due to the number of services and accommodations included. The price also depends on the duration of the therapy.

Some clinics charge an admission fee, which may be non-refundable. Thus, before enrolling, you should check the terms and conditions of the specific clinic. The admission expert would recommend an option based on your income and health insurance plan.