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Rehabs in Carroll

Rehabs in Carroll

Carroll County, situated in the northwestern part of Georgia, is home to over 119,527 people. The population has seen a considerable increase in the last decade only. Carrollton is its official seat. The county was established back in 1825. It was one of the first sites of a gold rush. It has several cities, including Bowdon, Carrollton, Mt. Zion, Roopville, Temple, Villa Rica, and Whitesburg. The racial makeup is quite diverse with 80.5% White, 16.3% Black or African American, etc. 

Overall, Carroll County has had an impressive development during the last few years. It stands out for its manufacture, education, and healthcare. However, along with development, there are still current problems that demand efforts from the Government’s side. One of the most essential issues is, in fact, drug and alcohol addiction.  


The collected data on addictions and overdose cases show that the problem in the County is quite troubling. The latest 2021 numbers show that there were 625 overdose cases during the year. There were 60 fatalities and over 565 saved lives. However, compared to the 873 overdose cases in 2020 and 1063 in 2019, it seems there is a tendency to decrease. 

The senior policy group has attempted a public campaign directed at the opioid crisis. So, at present, there are opioid awareness signs throughout the region. 

Carroll County Rehabs 

There are generally different programs, created to fight various addictions. The good news is that some of the centers are located in the County or near it. This makes the process of healing easier for the residents. Here is a list of the hospitals and rehab clinics: 

  • Leading by Example
  • Kolmac Outpatient Recovery
  • The Freedom 
  • The Barry Robinson 

There are still other centers providing mental help, mood and anxiety programs, treating different addictions, and also providing help to the family members of the addicts. 


Commonly, detox programs start with the health assessment of the person. It is vital to choose a reliable clinic for detoxification, as the latter requires great attention and professionalism. A detox might have a different impact on different people. Thus, it is essential to seek professional care. Detox should be inpatient so that the withdrawal symptoms are controlled by specialists. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Care 

The main difference between inpatient and outpatient care is that in the case of the inpatient option, patients receive 24-hour care at a live-in facility. It offers full services, including medical care and behavioral therapy. 

On the other hand, outpatient care is more flexible. It does not require the clients to stay overnight. This way, people will still be able to go on with their regular lives, and at the same time, receive help. 

However, the choice of treatment type strictly depends on the patient’s addiction severity. Only people with milder cases can receive outpatient treatment. 

In the state, there is also another available option which is actually the combination of the two. The in and out approach enables clients to visit the hospital during the day and to go home at night. 

Luxury Centers 

The treatment process can be a challenging time for a patient and the family. Luxury centers are for this reason - to make the process less hurtful and difficult. The clinics provide upscale services and luxurious amenities. They generally include services such as aftercare, substance use treatment, and mental help services. 

Below is the list of some of those centers, providing quality care: 

  • Metwork Health Services Inc
  • Shoemaker Center
  • Reentry Mental Health
  • North Carroll Counseling
  • Life's Potential Services


The duration mostly depends on the case severity. In some cases, clients receive help only for one or two weeks. Meanwhile, some addictions will need months to treat. In other words, the shortest span can be one or two weeks, and the longest period can be three to six months on average. 

As for the costs, they vary based on the duration, treatment type, and other factors. However, the costs can reach up to $10,000, while in luxury clinics, the price is even higher.