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Rehabs in Coweta

Rehabs in Coweta

Coweta is a large county with 443 square miles of land. It is located in the west of the state. The county was established in 1825 during the Treaty of Indian Springs. This is when William McIntosh relinquished lands to the US for gold. It is named after the tribe and the town of the chief. 

According to the census, conducted in 2010, the population was 127,317. As for the seat of the county, it is the city of Newnan which is 40 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Addiction Statistics in Coweta County

Here there is a serious problem with opioid prescriptions. In 2017, 74.1 opioid prescriptions were written for every 100 people. This number though is better than that of 2007. 

In 2007, the statistics for the latter for every 100 people was 86.2. These statistics deliver the general number of prescriptions. This means that one person could have received several prescriptions.

Nevertheless, Coweta continued to have higher numbers of opioid prescriptions than the corresponding state and national norms of 70.9 and 58.7 per 100 individuals in the same year.

Age-adjusted opioid death rates across the state were 9.7 per every 100,000 individuals in 2017. There is a 10% increase from 2016. This demonstrates how the problem is just getting worse.

In the same year, the total number of overdose deaths here was 16.1. This rate has been rising year by year. The latter is proved by the death rate of 5.5 in 2010.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation 

This is an important phase that people should go through before taking any other action. You are to assess your alcohol and drug addiction level, to understand what kind of medical care you have to receive.

For example, if you pass through an alcohol evaluation, you will be directly asked about facts on alcohol use. It is very important to be honest, as it will help the professionals have your state evaluated correctly.

Types of Rehabs

There are different types of rehabilitation that you may go through. They are:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • PHP

During the first type, you stay in the hospital. All the medical and therapy treatments that may be provided, are only supplied within the walls of the clinic. 

Before you become eligible for inpatient rehab at any rehabilitation center, you must first pass a check-up. A doctor must first diagnose you with a certain condition that necessitates an acute inpatient recovery facility.

As for the second type, here you receive all the necessary medical treatments but you are not hospitalized. You can go home and lead a normal life but you are to come to the hospital to participate in sessions and receive advice from your doctor.

In the case of PHP, everything is different. It means a partial hospitalization program. This is when you have mental health symptoms that need more attention than outpatient therapy but don't require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Doctors sometimes utilize this special program to treat mental health conditions or co-occurring problems connected to substance abuse and mental health.

Luxury Centres 

There are special facilities where you may pass your recovery course. They usually offer more services than the usual facilities do. These are opulent resorts that try to provide their patients with the best comfort and luxury during their stay.

Besides the medicine and the remedy that it includes, the facility tries to ensure that individuals also relax both physically and mentally as this is considered another important factor for a person’s wellbeing.

Though this is a good idea for patients and can have a better effect, it is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. 

Costs and Expenses

Of course, these procedures are not for free and you have to pay for them. Here the options differ. Many people prefer to pay for everything in person while many others transfer the money through online services.

Besides, you may cover the costs either fully, at once, or partially. You can pay these costs through private insurance. 

If you do not have insurance and the funds, you can refer to Medicaid. The latter is a government-sponsored aid for those who have financial problems.