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Rehabs in Monroe

Rehabs in Monroe

Monroe county is a province in the central part of the US state of Georgia. The county seat is Forsyth. According to the 2010 US Census, the region’s population was 26,424. The median age of the population is 42,9 and the median household income is $60,491.

During the last few years, many people lost their lives to a drug overdose. So, the opioid epidemic affects all spheres of people’s life and even brings them to death. As to the research made by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), in 2014 the rate of mental and substance abuse disorders mortality in Monroe was 7,3 for females and 14,5 for males (per 100,000 population).

To tackle this healthcare crisis, the state of Georgia is working to connect its residents with preventive healthcare, substance use disorder treatment, and other means of public support. Several Monroe county rehabs or clinics nearby offer quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.

They also underline the need for partnership from many sectors in solving these complex issues. Besides these programs should also be supported through special funding and resources to be successful. Keep reading to get more details on the rehabs in Monroe county, apply for their services, and reduce the risks of overdose.

Available Treatment Options

The use of drugs and alcohol is a major public health problem in Georgia. As to the report of the 2016 Monroe County Hospital, Community Health Needs Assessment, the younger a person starts substance abuse, the greater the likelihood that drug addiction will develop and continue into adulthood.

90% of the adults with current dependences started using before age 18. Alcohol dependence by itself has its unique adverse health outcomes, such as alcohol poisoning, hypertension, fetal alcohol syndrome, suicide, driving crashes, interpersonal violence, etc.

Rehabs in Monroe county are here to help the public overcome these life-threatening issues and build a healthier and happier society. One of the leading detox and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers in this area is the clinic of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems. It is located at 834 Highway 11 SW, Monroe, GA 30655. Contact them at 770-267-8302.

Find in this area such therapy services as detox, inpatient or outpatient plans, aftercare, etc.  


Depending on the amount and type of substances that the person uses, detox may last from one to two weeks. It helps the person to get rid of toxins without serious pain and suffering.

As the withdrawal symptoms may cause severe pain and even have deadly outcomes, no one should pass this procedure at home.


This type of care also known as a residential program requires a patient’s stay at the hub. So, the home-like environment enhances the patient’s recovery experience. The goal of this course is to support the patient with dependence and co-occurring mental disorders to focus on learning to live without drugs and develop tools to navigate life without them. Hence, the main modalities of this plan are individual, group, or family therapy settings.

There are short-term (28 days) and long-term (8-12 weeks) inpatient plans available. In some severe cases, its length can go upwards to a year or even longer.


This type of care offers the same therapies as inpatient rehab. However, patients don’t live in the clinic. So, they can get treatment and at the same time keep their daily routine. This program is for mild addictions or for people who had already completed a residential recovery course.

Outpatient care lasts from 4 to 12 weeks, with a couple of hours each day spent at the clinic. Its duration usually depends on the needs of the client.  


Sometimes people have serious difficulties in keeping their sobriety and healthy lifestyle after leaving rehab. So, an expert usually includes follow-up treatment in their plans. In other words, they receive continuous aftercare support in sober living houses, through peer support groups, etc.


As addiction is officially considered a health disease, many private and public health insurance agencies provide financial coverage for its treatment. So, before entering any center check and verify your insurance plans. GA residents may also use Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

There are also several scholarships, grants, and medical loans available for financial support. Money should never keep you from getting expert care.