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Rehabs in Burke

Rehabs in Burke

Burke County is located along the eastern border of the United States, Georgia. It was formed on February 5, 1777. The county was named after Edmund Burke, who was a political writer. Waynesboro is the seat.

According to the 2010 census, it had about 23,300 residents. Only a small number of them have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This creates a favorable picture in comparison to other states, which struggle with substance abuse. However, even though drugs have not become a major issue, Burke County rehabs still do their best to be ahead of the curve.

Addiction Treatment Programs in Burke County, Georgia

Even if it seems complicated, choosing an addiction program is rather simple. Each dependency level has its symptoms and characteristics. Those help the medical staff to organize the right plan for you.

Inpatient Rehab

The most common treatment for long-time patients is inpatient rehab. It usually starts with detoxing the body. After that, the main stages of care follow up.

Inpatient facilities become home for their clients, as the latter should stay there for the duration of the process. This way, they keep their patients safe from themselves or each other. Accordingly, they stabilize the cases that have gone out of whack. In addition, they also deal with emergent aspects of mental illness.

Inpatient plans cost a lot of money, as they charge for living settings, amenities, and food. In most cases, such plans often provide more caretaking than therapy.

Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient program typically lasts shorter. It gives more flexibility and freedom. To clarify, a patient may choose the therapy hours and fit them into a busy schedule. This way, they make receiving care and living a usual life possible.

Rehab Centers in Burke County

There are not many rehabs in Burke County but we have tried to present some of the most outstanding ones.

Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services

Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services is located at 292 West 4th Street, Waynesboro. It is specialized in behavioral health and substance use disorder.

The facility provides services to children, adults, and elders. They also have ancillary services like illness management, court-ordered outpatient treatment, and supported housing. Every person can find a suitable option here.

Brentwood Health and Rehabilitation

Brentwood Center for Health and Rehabilitation mainly offers short-term rehab. The clinic stands out for its high-class amenities and recreational activities. Community trips, pet and group therapy, and arts are a usual part of the healing process.

The center also offers virtual visits to stay in touch with your loved ones. This is especially important for those, who have left their families and friends to receive care.

Keysville Nursing Home and Rehab

Keysville Nursing Home and Rehab provides services to addicts in Burke County as well. They try to focus on the issue while stressing the importance of nursing.

It is important to note that the center has a rating of 2/5. It is not because the quality of care is bad. The reason is that they do not have matching options for each case. Thus, clients lack a diversity of choices.

Payment Options

In general, addiction treatment may cost from $5,000 to $30,000. If you have no insurance, you will get a bill from $2,000-$10,000. It depends on where you go and how long you stay in the center. The longer you stay, the more expensive it will be.

In some facilities, if you prove your financial incapability to pay, they may provide a 20%-50% discount. Others may also offer alternative payment methods like loans or sliding fee scales.

For example, Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services accepts self-payment, insurance, as well as state and federal funds.