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Rehabs in Baker

Rehabs in Baker

Baker is a small historical county in the state of Georgia. Its population is around 3,000. The total area is 349 sq mi. The only city, Newton, is also the seat.

As there are no big cities, people mostly live in villages and grow plantations. There are two famous places where visitors like spending their time: PineBloom Plantation and Tarver Plantation.

There are few places for entertainment, where people like to hang out with their friends. Alcoholic beverages are not banned in bars. So, some people may have difficulties controlling their drinking or even drug habits.

Baker County Rehab Centers

Although Baker is not so big and not so well inhabited, there are some people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. There are no Baker County rehab centers in Newton town but there are several good facilities near it.

The nearest and the most famous ones are located in Dougherty County, the seat of which is Albany.

Addiction Treatment Programs

In general, in the state of Georgia, all types of rehabilitation programs are being used. As well as in the centers near Baker County.


First of all, your first step should be getting an assessment from the therapist. In some centers, professionals help you to make a recovery plan and go through that hard path, but you should check it with the administration of the clinic you choose.


Secondly, you will go through detoxification.

The duration and approaches to the withdrawal depend on the severity and length of substance abuse addiction. The withdrawal is considered to be the hardest step of the recovery path. So, you can go through it in a specialized clinic and then choose an inpatient program in another center.

Near Baker County, the best detox clinics are in Bainbridge, Cairo, Blakely, etc.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment plans have three types, which depend on the severity of drug or alcohol addiction:

  • Short-term rehab planning

  • Long-term rehab planning

  • And, general planning that lasts 30 days

After detoxification, your therapist designs a special recovery plan for you. Depending on your case, they determine how long you stay there under the care and control of specialists. Especially, when the patients have a dual diagnosis, it takes more time to overcome the problems.

The best inpatient clinics near the center of Newton are in Thomasville, Tifton, Quincy, etc. You can also find luxury rehabs in the state of Georgia near you.

Outpatient Treatment

As the nearest outpatient clinic is around 57 miles from the center of Newton, therapists mostly advise inpatient ones.

But if you can drive to other cities even after the inpatient planning, you can also attend outpatient therapies and group sessions. The outpatient program includes individual and family therapies with your family members.

The hardest part is giving tests. You will have to take drug or alcohol sobriety tests every day at different times.

Clinics in Tallahassee and Adel offer the best outpatient plans. Tallahassee is in Florida and is far from Newton around 60 miles.

Payment Methods

It is important to mention that almost all the above-mentioned facilities accept private insurance.

Moreover, if your private insurance doesn’t cover all costs, and you have problems paying your part, a special payment plan is designed for you.

Costs depend on many factors, such as how long your recovery plan lasts, where it will be, and what it includes.

There are also several state-funded drug and alcohol centers in the state of Georgia. You may check with them beforehand whether they may help you or not. In general, the administration will provide this information.