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Rehabs in Ben Hill

Rehabs in Ben Hill

Ben Hill is located in the US state of Georgia. The county’s population was 17,634 as of the 2010 statistics. Fitzgerald is Ben Hill’s seat. The province was organized in 1906 and named after a former US senator and confederate Benjamin Harvey Hill.

Ben Hill constitutes the Fitzgerald, Georgia, Micropolitan Statistical Area. The Ben Hill County Jail and Courthouse are included on the National Register of Historic Places. Despite being rich in history, the province undergoes many devastating issues like a high rate of drug and alcohol abuse.

To deal with this problem many Ben Hill county rehabs are operating around this area. Go on with your reading, to explore rehab options and their positive effects on addicted people.

Inpatient Treatment


When compared to the outpatient model, inpatient one has a few vital advantages:

  • Care provided 24 hours: This is essential for patients who undergo withdrawal or are intoxicated. To explain, these symptoms can be really severe and it is needed that the addict is medically supervised and stabilized.

  • The residential facility: This allows addicts to leave an environment and the factors that cause them to misuse substances both mentally and physically. In short, in an environment with no disruptions and chances for substance misuse addicts can focus more on controlling addiction.

  • A supportive society: These are people that a person connects to and doesn’t feel separated when suffering from dependence.


For some people the following factors may be considered as disadvantages of this rehab type:

  • Leaving family members, school, or work: This requires some period. As addicts are not allowed to leave the treatment setting, they must be ready to be absent from school or work. So, for some people being away from their beloved family or job place may be very stressful.

  • Unneeded dependence on hospital staff: Very often inpatient care may free patients of personal responsibilities and encourage unnecessary reliance on medical personnel.

  • Higher treatment cost: The cure plans cost considerably higher compared to the outpatient model.

Outpatient Treatment


The outpatient model offers the following privileges:

  • Possibility to keep on with daily life during cure: As patients don’t have to stay at the clinic all the time, they can easily carry on with their work, school, and take care of the family.

  • Staying in the home environment: Patients do not have to leave their homes and it is a vital benefit if the environment is supportive in fighting dependence.

  • Newly acquired skills: Patients are able to use the newly gained abilities immediately in their daily life and relationships.

  • Lower cost: Treatment in this rehab is lower in cost and there is a higher likelihood that insurance plans will cover it.


These points are seen as drawbacks to outpatient programs when people compare them with the inpatient cure:

  • Risk of drug/alcohol misuse: During this rehabilitation alcohol and drugs are still easily available and the person may use them again.

  • Absence of safety for some patients: This program is not appropriate for addicts with potentially life-threatening problems of withdrawal and patients inclined to suicide or homicide.

  • Unavailability of remedy facilities to everyone: Some individuals either live in remote areas or are not able to travel daily because of family or work commitments. So, there is always a high risk that they will quit if getting therapy is too demanding.

Finding the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program in Ben Hill

The province has various facilities offering remedy courses in or near Fitzgerald. For those who struggle with substance addiction, it is important to take a moment to consider which one is the most appropriate to choose.

A good choice can make a huge difference between a complete recovery or ongoing relapse after the addicts are done with the cure plan. Here is one of the well-known rehab centers near the county seat:

Legacy Behavioral Health

The center is 25.3 miles from Fitzgerald, Georgia. The rehab programs are offered to individuals with co-occurring substance misuse and mental problems, Clients from the Court/Judicial system, adolescents, adult men/women, people with AIDs or HIV, and transitional-age young adults.

The services include:

  • Comprehensive substance abuse evaluation

  • Marital/couple counseling

  • Drug/alcohol urine screening

  • Individual/family counseling

  • Substance misuse education

  • Mental health services

  • Discharge planning

  • Interim services

  • Screening for drug/alcohol misuse

  • Aftercare and continuing care

  • Housing services

Location: 334 Tifton Eldorado Road, Tifton, GA. 31794

Contacts: 229-391-2300