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Rehabs in Atkinson

Rehabs in Atkinson

Located in the southeastern part of Georgia, Atkinson County has a total area of 345 square miles. The population is about 8,375. The county seat is Pearson.

Tourism and recreation activities are popular in Atkinson. However, besides advantages, there are also some problems in the area.

Alcohol and drug abuse have become widespread recently. Substance abuse cases have increased not only among adults but adolescents as well. Given that, Atkinson County rehabs help people with different addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other substances.

Rehab Programs in Atkinson County

The county provides many options to choose from. The duration of the therapies mainly varies from 30 days to two years.

Here are the main types of care programs in the area:

  • Detoxification

  • Residential or Inpatient Care

  • Outpatient Rehab

  • Partial Hospitalization


Detoxification or Detox for short is the first step of any rehab program. It is aimed at clearing the toxins from the patients’ bodies who suffer from some addiction disorders. This procedure is the initial of the healing process. The addicts participate in group therapies and are always under the medical staff’s control. After this plan, they are ready for the next procedures of cure.

Residential Program

During this therapy, people get their healing in medical clinics. They are constantly under the medical team’s control and receive some medication. This program is mostly designed for serious cases when addict attendants in the hospital are a must to complete the recovery process.

Outpatient Rehab

People can get their healing out of the clinic during this plan. They do not need to stay at the hospital and be under control. While they should participate in some medical courses in case they need and also take some medicine. People continue to work and their common lifestyle while combining their treatment.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization)

This procedure is ideal for those patients who do not need to constantly stay in a medical clinic for healing. Patients stay in the hospital partially while getting recovered. They may participate in some therapies at different times of day, evenings, and even weekends.

Prices and Payment Methods

Costs usually vary among rehabs and recovery plans you choose. Some criteria affect the pricing system of the therapy such as the case, the place of treatment, the duration of the procedure, and more:

Here are the average costs of programs:

  • Detox - From $1,000 to $1,500

  • Residential Care - From $6,000 to $20,000

  • Outpatient Care - From $5,000 to $10,000

Patients also get medicines during the recovery process. So it is no surprise that medication also impacts the price of the cost. However, there are also cases when people do not need medicine during the healing procedure.

Treatment Centers

There are a variety of treatment clinics in the area to choose from. Rehab hospitals offer solutions for any type of addiction disorder, but some places are designed for a specific case. With the help of professional staff, any kind of addiction disorder can be effectively treated.

Here you can find the most trusted clinics in this area:

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury alcohol and drug treatment facilities offer high-level services compared to average recovery centers. The centers provide a wide range of advantages and quality treatment services often expecting to see patients with average to high status. The average price may cost a thousand dollars starting from $30,000 to even $100,000 a month. There might also be some health insurance plans that will cover part of the cost. However, the prices and the payment methods may vary as they are based on the place and the services the facility offers.