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Rehabs in Bryan

Rehabs in Bryan

Bryan is located in the US state of Georgia. As of the 2010 statistics, the population of the province was 30,233. The county’s seat is Pembroke. The province got its name from an American Revolutionary War partisan Jonathan Bryan.

Nowadays, prescription opioid (or narcotic) misuse is an immense problem in the state of GA. So, the Bryan County Opioid Prevention Project together with the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Department and other across-the-state partners are cooperating to preclude drug abuse in GA.

Very often, drugs can offer relief when prescribed and used properly. Yet, anyone is at risk of becoming dependent one day, particularly young people aged 12-25. Simultaneously, death rates from overdoses are rising, and mainly addicts start by misusing prescription painkillers.

Hence, the government found it necessary to open special clinics where people could get cured of substance dependence. Move forward to learn more about drug and alcohol rehabs in Bryan county.

Main Rehabilitation Plans

Like other counties, Bryan as well offers its residents a variety of rehabilitation options. So, in each rehab facility, people are to have access to the below-mentioned remedy programs. Let’s explore each of them to make it easier for you to make a good choice later.


Depending on the individual’s needs and the substance type, the process of drug and alcohol detox can vary. However, the program involves these three mandatory steps:


This is a complete evaluation of an addict’s previous and current social history and psychological/medical conditions. Also, the person is tested for the presence of addictive drugs. This data is applied to determine the proper level of care that the person will need.


This is the process of arranging intense intoxication and withdrawal in a supervised and safe detox facility. Very often medications are administered during this procedure to help relieve any physical withdrawal symptoms. During this stage, you will also realize what to wait for during the substance dependence detoxification procedure and other programs in this phase.

Getting Ready for Continued Cure

To ensure successful recovery outcomes, treatment experts will promote further treatment.

Inpatient Plan

Inpatient (also live-in or residential) drug and alcohol rehab clinics offer therapeutic and medical care day and night. Patients who enter inpatient rehab centers receive highly personalized care from an experienced team of experts. Individuals also stay at the clinic while taking part in treatment-associated activities, like group meetings and personal counseling courses.

As a part of the rehabilitation, some settings also offer medication and other medical care necessary during the procedure. Those programs may be beneficial for those with previous substance misuse and co-occurring problems history.

Outpatient Plan

This model is a form of substance misuse treatment that does not involve living in the setting. With outpatient rehabilitation, remedy program types can vary greatly, ranging from partial hospitalization to twelve-step meetings.

An outpatient cure allows you to stay at home during the recovery process. This model tends to cost less than residential/inpatient rehab and is more beneficial for those who are not able to be absent from work/personal obligations for a long time.

To sum up, before deciding on any remedy course, review each treatment type and consider which one will work best for your needs. Take into account the program’s cost, provided services, and location.

The Payments

It is not possible to mention any fixed price for services in all rehab facilities. To evaluate the cost of rehab in this province, you first need to look at the amenities the center provides and its geographic location compared to your own needs. The prices for remedy facilities can vary greatly.

However, the methods to pay them are also multiple. Many clinics accept private insurance. So, check with your provider to see if partial payment is accessible through your HMO or PPO.

State and Government Funded Rehabilitation Centers in Pembroke

In GA state there are state-funded rehabilitation options that are funded to offer dependence remedies for the county residents. Many of those cure plans can be free to the addict based on his/her financial history.

For more details, you can get in touch with one of the advisors through the phone number 855-956-5034. The latter are more familiar with the appliance processes and will lead you if you have any insurance type.

Here is one of the funded centers:

Gateway Community Services Board Pembroke

The rehab facility provides residents with the following services:

  • Substance misuse services

  • Psychiatric cure

  • diagnostic evaluation

  • Adult day remedy

  • Child and adolescent day cure

Address: 40 East Industrial Boulevard, Pembroke, GA - 31321

Contacts: Phone (800) 715-4225