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Rehabs in Butts

Rehabs in Butts

Butts County is located in the central part of Georgia, United States. It was created on December 24, 1825. Jackson is the seat. In 2020, it had a population of 25,434.

The county aims to become a business center in the region by creating and attracting many business opportunities. It also grows as a tourism destination, as there are many outdoor activities. Jackson Lake, the Ocmulgee River, and Indian Springs State Park are some examples.

Since it has much to offer, one would think that the residents have quite a lot to keep themselves busy and entertained. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The state division has been facing strong challenges – alcohol and drug addiction. On a positive note, there are rehabs in Butts County that play an important role in preventing the epidemic.

Substance Abuse Statistics

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, drug overdose-related emergency visits have increased by 59%. The percentage has gone up, even more, this year. The most commonly used substances are opioids, marijuana, and heroin. Heavy drinking is another issue.

To improve the scene, government members, stakeholders, and residents try to fight the top health issue affecting the community. They make efforts to enroll their loved ones in addiction treatment programs.

Types of Rehab Programs in Butts County

Each clinic has its own policy about what patients they will take. However, most clinics have plans on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. What is the difference between them?

  • Inpatient Rehab – assumes detoxification before starting the main process. It is a home-like facility, where you will need to reside until the plan is completed. Its main purpose is to promote a better quality of life, by providing exceptional services to those most in need. A typical program consists of 30 or 60 days.

  • Outpatient Rehab – provides care for less serious cases. This one does not insist on staying at the clinic the whole time. Thus, you are free to leave when you complete each day’s therapy session. The sessions, as a rule, last 2-3 hours a day.

Primary Rehab Centers in Butts County

Butts County Counseling Center

BCCC is located at 463 Ernest Biles Drive, Jackson. It is a private non-profit organization, which specializes in alcoholism, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis.

Children, teenagers, and adults can find suitable options here. Therapy is available individually, in groups, or in a family. Other services include:

  • Group counseling

  • Trauma therapy

  • Rational emotional behavior therapy (REBT)

  • Contingency management/motivational incentives

  • Life skills

Behavioral Health Group

Behavioral Health Group is another outstanding center located at 794 Mcdonough Road, Suite 104 Jackson. It is proficient in providing upscale amenities and conditions. The luxury services include discharge planning, social skills development, mental health, and case management.

It is no surprise that those amenities add up to the final fees. They cost additional money.

Payment Methods

The clinics receive payment from 4 major areas: self-payment, insurance, state, and federal funds. The fees are mostly based on a patient’s financial ability to pay. They take into account his/her income and family size. The policy is that no person should be aside because of the inability to pay.

Forcing a Teen Into Rehab

In case you find out that your child is abusing substances, you should be quick to act. Firstly, you should consult with experts so that they can help you understand how to pick the best facility. They have more knowledge and experience in addiction and should be able to help you on your path.

Secondly, you may try to talk with your child and see what problems he/she has. After that, you will build a friendly relationship with the minor, which allows you to persuade him to enroll in a treatment program.