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Rehabs in Walton

Rehabs in Walton

Walton County is situated in the state of Georgia in the US. According to the census, the population was 97,963, with a 1.33% growth from 2020. It has two major cities. One is Loganville, and the other is Monroe, the county seat.

As an extensive and populous area, this province is considered one of the healthier regions. As data shows, it had 20 deaths from overdoses of drugs in 2021. There were 15% alcohol-related driving deaths.

Despite the current abuse and addiction, the residents are trying to overcome the situation. In fact, Walton County rehabs help and support citizens with their highly qualified medical staff.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

Evaluation is a complex check-up process when medical experts gather complete information about the addict. It includes healing, mental, and physical health histories. You also have to pass some physical examination. Besides, doctors may require them to take drug tests.

Patients must not have used the chemicals 24-48 hours before the evaluation.

Rehab Programs in Walton County

Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse takes a lot of energy and time. It requires a holistic approach. Therefore, rehabs in Walton County provide inpatient or outpatient services and focus on individual cases.


Before starting addiction treatment, the first condition is that the person must be stable. Detox provides this state by removing chemicals from the body. Sometimes, fear of detox is an obstacle to further healing. It causes uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms. For that reason, qualified medical staff can manage and release discomfort and pain with the help of medicines and methods. That is why medical detox is part of the comprehensive treatment.

Generally, it lasts between one to three days. Depending on the level of addiction, it may demand one to three weeks.

During this time, clients attend 12-step meetings. Medical centers provide educational and residential healing meetings. All these services prepare patients for the basic cure.

Inpatient (IP)

Inpatient is a 24-hour treatment care that helps people live without chemicals in a safe and secure environment. It educates, empowers, and motivates each member’s transition into a substance-free life.

Residents take part in various healing methods, such as personal, group, and family therapy meetings. The duration of healing lasts 60 or 90 days.

“Twin Lakes” is an inpatient rehab facility located in a peaceful area of Monroe. It provides a cozy and safe atmosphere that promotes members’ recovery journey. Its address is:

398 Highway 11, SW

Monroe, Georgia 30655

(800) 588-5967

Outpatient (OP)

Outpatient provides a comprehensive treatment option for men and women 18 years and older. Even one-time use of any substance can lead to inevitable or fatal consequences. Those ruin a person's health, relationships, and whole life.

For that purpose, outpatient centers treat patients with particular proven medicines meanwhile letting them live their daily lives. In OP, specialists use more services that go with this medication cure. It includes individual and group therapy, physician, and nursing care. This method balances all aspects of healing.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP in this province serves people aged 18 and more who suffer from substance use disorder (SUD) and have behavioral issues. It is suitable for those who live in a sober environment or can stay stable. IOP surrounds patients with a strong support network that promotes continuous personal growth. This level is based on evidence-based therapies that quit cravings for chemicals. Instead, IOP develops coping skills to control stress, anger, and other triggers. IOP meetings take place three days per week in the evenings.

Payment Options

The most appropriate payment option for the majority of addicts is insurance. However, not all centers accept that type of expense coverage. In this case, clients may check if they qualify for federal funding such as Medicaid or Medicare or whether the facility offers a sliding fee scale.

Rehab Programs for Teens

It is known that addicted teens need a different approach than adults. Moreover, they require more support and care from families. So, the recovery facilities serve teens o a specialized way. Their programs include specific services and methods for youth. Those help them to develop behavior to control their life. Finally, they become balanced and able to return to everyday life.