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Rehabs in Evans

Rehabs in Evans

Evans is the 152nd county of Georgia located in the southeastern part of the state. Despite its small territory (484.3 km²), it is famous for its landscapes and outdoor activities. County seat Claxton is home to unique shops, restaurants, and fruitcake bakeries. The population is nearly 11,000.

Unfortunately, the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic has infected the county residents as well. Substance abuse has become a common issue that the population faces. By the way, the main sorts of toxins are illicit drugs and opioids. Moreover, they continue to spread even among youth.

Looking at the narcotics use and overdose statistics we understand the importance of recovery centers here. Rehabs in Evans County, Georgia provide the best inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment. Most clinics design complete cure programs including all the essential services you need. And this all in one location to be reachable for customers.

Everything can wait except for your wellness. It is priceless and in the case of loss, you can hardly regain it fully. So, visit a doctor as soon as you notice addiction symptoms. If you want to know about these disease signs, then keep reading our article.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Centers in Evans, GA

Evaluation is an initial procedure that almost all hospitals conduct before starting treatment. Some counseling clinics offer only assessment without the main healing process. Since those centers specialize in evaluating, results are more trustworthy and accurate. Surely, the information remains confidential. It may be accessible to family members only. Then, you consult with your doctor and decide on a cure plan. You also choose methods based on the monitoring outcome.

Thus, we need to pass this step to reveal what our organism requires for recovery. In other words, drug and alcohol assessment interviews give us details about the illness history and current state. This helps us to find effective ways of healing and determine its duration.

Along with customized IOP programs Stepping Stones offers DUI, NRC, and court evaluations.

Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities in Evans, GA

The main differences between these two types of care are:

  • The possibility of settlement in a rehab

In the case of inpatient treatment patients stay at the hospital. Outpatient care allows you to combine your ordinary life with healing. So, there is no need to leave your job or loved ones.

  • Duration and intensity

The length of the cure varies from one addict to another. First of all, it depends on the severity of dependency, substance kind, etc. In general, residential care lasts 1-4 months and means 24/7 medical control. Outpatient and partial hospitalization might take 2-5 hours 2-3 times a week. The alteration from one treatment type to another is also an acceptable practice.

  • Price

Of course, hospitalization costs are bigger compared to outpatient services. It is important to select a hospital suitable for your budget or insurance coverage. To check your insurance contact your agency or verify it at the facility before admission.

Teens’ Rehabs

As a parent, you should be the first supporter of your child. Surely, this does not refer to addicted teens only. However, they need your attention and love more than the ones who do not suffer from addiction problems. Besides, they need individual care and approaches. Thus, teens should be healed in specific clinics and with special methods. Otherwise, it may lead to psychological harm. Centers intended for the whole family’s recovery may also be a good option for your child.

The government finances many rehab projects for students giving them a chance to recover for free. So, even if you have no money to take your child to a hospital, don't worry. The staff of non-profit facilities is ready to serve with pleasure.