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Rehabs in Bleckley

Rehabs in Bleckley

Bleckley is located in the central part of the US state of Georgia. The province’s population was 13,063 as of the 2010 statistics. The county seat is Cochran. Bleckley is one of the 8 remaining counties in GA that functions under a sole commissioner form of government.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows 6.51% of state residents recorded using illegal drugs in the previous month. The national average was 8.82%. In addition, 2.70% of Georgia inhabitants reported applying illegal narcotics other than marijuana in the previous month.

As an immediate consequence of substance abuse, 1,124 people died in GA in 2010. This is in comparison with the number of people who died from motor vehicle incidents (1,324) and weapons (1,223) during the same year.

As a result, the county found its way to overcoming these tragic issues. Hence, the emergence of Bleckley county rehabs became necessary. Below you can get acquainted with each rehab type available.

Dependence Treatment

Throughout Georgia state there are various drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. The latter include inpatient and outpatient facilities and detoxification centers. So, people are offered a variety of treatment program types to select from.

If you search for a substance dependence clinic near you, the reviews below will help you know more about what to look for so you can make the proper decision for your future.


In a reliable rehabilitation program, detox is the first step. Yet, neither drug detox nor drug withdrawal is as easy as it may sound. Patients can experience powerful hallucinations, tremors, nausea, fever, elevated heart rates, serious episodes of self-doubt, and vomiting during detoxification.

Another part of the substance detoxification stage includes intense withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, withdrawal and detox treatments have advanced extremely. Nowadays, medications are applied to ease detox, prevent substance abuse, and treat withdrawal.

Usually, this process lasts 3, 5, or 7 days and has its impact on each part of the human body including the brain. Yet, patients are never alone during this procedure. Mostly, caregivers are with them 24/7.

Inpatient vs Outpatient

People who visit an inpatient treatment clinic live in a typically shared dorm room. During the whole cure, addicts are under the rules and regulations of the treatment facility. Each of the latter has its unique, personalized requirements.

For inpatient treatment travel may be required. Depending on the rehab facility traveling is desired to get the addict away from normal daily activities that may cause stress. Some people live in the center during rehabilitation. Usually, for a rehab experience lasting 30 days, this indicates a considerable amount of time away from work, personal obligations, and family.

On the contrary, outpatient rehabs allow patients to continue living in their own homes. They remain in control of their personal life. With the given support and help they may still go to work, get a job and begin restoring their personal lives.

Patients of intensive outpatient programs have to participate in the remedy therapies offered at a local counseling facility, as arranged by their scheduled remedy plan. Additionally, besides the emotional peer support, they may also get support from the local counseling center.

Free Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehabs in Bleckley

There are many affordable, free, and sliding-scale resources provided by the local government. Here we would like to pay your attention to a center located in the county’s seat Cochran

Cochran Mens House Promise Of Hope Inc

Currently, the center offers 30 beds and provides structure, discipline, twelve-step exposure, and Biblical guidance. Their method of working is to use the therapeutic value of one patient helping another through the examples of volunteers and staff who have passed this way.

The base of the system is dependent on developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Addiction and recovery education is broken down into a three-phase procedure.

Location: 106 Cock-Smith Road, Cochran, GA - 31014

Contact:(478) 934-0774

Fax Number: (478) 934-0775