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Rehabs in Clayton

Rehabs in Clayton

Clayton is a county located in the north-central part of the state of Georgia. According to the data provided by the World Population Review, it currently has a population of 301,433. The seat is in Jonesboro.

The large population number in one area causes different issues. Sadly, one of them is the problem of alcohol and drug addiction and overdose. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of overdosed people increased by about 106.2%. However, the good news is that the number can go down if people struggling with substance use problems call for help on time. 


Before starting any medical process, you have to go through an evaluation process that involves two steps: screening and assessment. The first step is conducted to find out if you have any medical issues or not. It is typically conducted with the help of a simple questionnaire. It is so straightforward that you will be able to do that at home without the involvement of any physician. 

If it turns out that you have a problem, then you have to go through the second procedure. An assessment is a more detailed analysis done by a professional to find the exact issue and give a diagnosis. 

Choosing the Right Rehab 

If you have already decided to start your recovery and have gone through the evaluation process, you need to be aware of the different types of services available in the county. Selecting the right program will help you get the best treatment according to your needs. The difference between the options is the intensity and the length of the programs.


This is the first step to removing the existing drug or alcohol from your organism. If you use drugs frequently, your body may be addicted to them, and the detoxification procedure can be quite painful and unpleasant. However, like any other treatment plan, the final goal of detoxification is to help you achieve effective and lasting sobriety.  

You can check out the Atlanta Detox Center, which is located in Riverdale, GA. 


This is a great option for those who suffer from substance abuse and can commit to their care 24/7. The average period of stay varies from 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of your issue. It also suggests that you work with various therapists and physicians for a minimum of three hours daily. The kind and caring staff will be with you all the time and will ensure that you have a smooth recovery. 


This is suitable for those who have more mild symptoms and are unable to sacrifice their regular activities. It lasts from three to six months or even a year. On average, you are expected to visit the local clinic from 10 to 12 hours a week. However, the period differs for each individual. So, the flexibility of this option lets you receive the care whenever you want.  

Special programs 

Besides the regular options, you might also want to be aware of other types that the county facilities offer. For example, Atlanta Center has gender and age-specific services as well as separate programs that treat dependency on specific types of drugs (heroin, opioid, cocaine, meth, opiate, painkillers, etc.). These alternatives ensure a more focused and individualized plan of care. 


As you know, you have to pay for the care you receive in any facility you choose. Payment methods are different. You can pay by cash or credit card. The good news is that you may also use your private insurance. However, if you do not have any of these means, you may apply for government insurance providing documents that ensure your inability to pay. 

The cost range varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the clinic you select and the period your recovery takes. 

How to Force Your Teen Into Rehab? 

Teenagers are typically more vulnerable to addiction than adults. That’s why you must take all the measures to prevent them from using substances. However, if they are already addicted, you must make sure they move to rehab. 

In fact, according to the U.S. constitution, if your child is younger than 18, you have all the right to send them to rehab. Yet, it is important to remember not to hurt your child’s feelings and not be rude to them. Moreover, you should explain all the benefits they will get when they get the care. They must understand that you will be by their side throughout the process and will love you no matter what.