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Rehabs in Macon

Rehabs in Macon

Macon is situated in the western part of Georgia, U.S. The main seat is Oglethorpe. The history of its creation dates back to 1837. It is not very large with a total of 406 square miles area. The overall population is 14,740 people, with a diverse racial makeup, the prevailing 60.6% being Black or African American, White only 35.1%, and other races as Asian (1.3%), American Indian (0.3%) very little in percentage. All in all, there are 4,999 households and over 3,363 families residing in the county.

Different spheres in the county are facing ongoing enhancement, including healthcare and education. Anyway, there are still constant issues, such as substance abuse, that need attention and quick steps from the side of the authorities.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Based on official statements, only in 2020, the county faced more than 7,000 emergency visits as a result of opioid overdose. The fatal overdose rate per 100,000 is 29.7%. All in all, all the cities in the area have registered a drastic increase, which gives way to concerns. On the face of the facts, Macon County rehabs, in cooperation with the local authorities, enhance the available services to fight the current unfavorable situation.

Macon County Rehab Programs

In the battle against drug addiction residents of Macon are not alone. There are numerous programs and services developed for various addiction levels and severity.

The fight against addiction and the recovery journey commences the moment when a person chooses a treatment center. Picking a reliable center is not always an easy task, yet it’s the essential part when the vision of recovery turns into an aim.

The two main treatment programs remain the same for all the U.S. states. Here as well, patients have access to inpatient and outpatient care. Besides, almost all the rehabs offer detox, which is the starting point of the curing process. Besides, aftercare is another important component that in a way sums up the achieved good results.

One of the best treatment centers in Macon is Atlanta Recovery Place. It mainly offers intensive outpatient support.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Inpatient and outpatient rehabs differ in many respects. These are two completely different programs designed to handle addictions of different complexity.

For more severe substance abuse cases, it is more suitable to choose inpatient help. This residential type of help provides 24/7 guidance and attendance to the patient. Inpatient help in its turn offers packages with different time frames. The shortest treatment period is 30 days. There are also longer options, ranging from 60 to 90 days, and in certain cases even longer.

Outpatient help gives much more space and liberty to the patient, taking only several hours a day. This is a non-residential aid, created for milder cases of addiction. For severe addiction cases, it proves to have little effect, if not none at all.


Detoxification is an important initial stage in the long path of recovery when the organism is cleansed from all the toxins. Specialists constantly warn that detox without a specialist’s supervision will lead to dire consequences. Besides, this is a crucial phase that predetermines the future success of the upcoming recovery.

In many cases, not handling the stage properly and without professional assistance can later lead to undesired relapse.

Aftercare in Macon County Rehabs

Many patients want to go back to their normal lifestyle and sometimes they just overlook aftercare. However, aftercare is an important final stage that will stabilize all the long and tedious efforts of the patient. Some examples of aftercare include but are not limited to psychological counseling, different group therapies, alternative programs developed by the centers, etc.

Treatment Costs

No need to say that costs for the treatment are quite high. For the outpatient option, the costs start from $4.000 to $5,000. This is an average amount for the care. Contrary, inpatient help is more costly and can range up to $20,000 per month.

Additionally, there are expenses for medications, aftercare services, etc. that can cost a whole fortune. However, the prospect of a healthier life is priceless.