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Rehabs in Dooly

Rehabs in Dooly

Dooly County is located in the state of Georgia, U.S. The county has about 11,600 residents and is home to historical sights and tourist attractions.

Recently, the county has experienced an increase in substance misuse rate. As of the 2021 statistics, the substance abuse mortality rate has been registered as 9.0, compared to the national 18.7. Despite what might appear to be a low rate, there are actually many residents who struggle with addiction. The most used still remains alcohol registering a mortality rate increase of 14% mainly caused by driving under influence. In fact, the rest of Georgia has a lot higher rates, but, rehabs in Dooly County do their best to decrease even this number and offer comprehensive treatment methods by qualified medical staff.

Where to start?

So, whenever you feel like you or your loved one experiences any kind of addiction, your first step should be to pass step by a step recovery program. The initial step you need to take is to see a specialist and undergo an evaluation. This will help to determine the dependency level and drawbacks it has caused. You may need to pass some lab tests and analyze the possibility of any co-occurring disease. Whenever completed your therapist will design a treatment plan to help you advance your health status while also directing you to begin detox.


As mentioned above, detox follows evaluation. This is a crucial step as it helps the addict to get rid of toxins and be ready to start the recovery center program. Actually, detox can be done at home, but as it causes a lot of cramps and pain, specialists always recommend choosing one of the rehabs in Dooly County that offers this program. The duration of the detox may vary based on your needs and addiction level. After you have cleared your organism, you are ready to start the main treatment program.

Treatment Programs in Dooly County Rehabs

Given the fact that there are few rehabs in Dooly, you don’t have many options to choose from. However, all of them provide comprehensive care including inpatient and outpatient levels.

Inpatient Care

This type of recovery is specifically designed for people with severe addiction or with a high risk of relapse. In this case, you are to stay at the hospital all day and have the medical staff help around. You are to attend individual and group therapies and enroll in different activities to help you overcome the situation. The inpatient level is beneficial to avoid relapses as well as any kind of drawback caused by stopping the use of alcohol or drugs.

Outpatient Care

The outpatient level helps in keeping track of the progress you've made in earlier months. This option is as well open to people with mild levels of dependency. there is no need to stay at the facility. You are to just attend the required therapies and take care of yourself to avoid relapses.


Aftercare facilities play a big role in dependency care as they help to follow up on the results and have longer supervision. This type includes alumni projects, sober living houses, etc. The duration is individually based on your specific needs.

Prices and Financial Aid

Whenever it comes to rehab care, the toughest aspect may be the coverage of costs. Though the province offers free rehabs option not all people qualify for them. Insurance remains the best option when it comes to expenses. However, if that doesn’t work for you you may review the federal financial aid options such as Medicaid or Medicare or check if your rehab offers a sliding fee scale.

What about costs in this province, they range from $300 to $4.000 a month. The most part is based on the therapies you need. If you want to live and recover in a luxurious setting you can look for luxury rehabs in nearby counties. However, take into account that they may be quite expensive.