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Rehabs in Turner

Rehabs in Turner

Turner County is one of the smallest regions in the state of Georgia that is located in the south-central part of the state. The seat is Ashburn. Other comparatively large cities are Sycamore and Rebecca.

The places to visit are Ashburn Commercial Historic District, which includes the courthouse and jail, and the Ashburn Heights and Shingler Heights historic neighborhoods.

Among the places of interest is the Big Peanut monument symbolizing the biggest peanut-processing plant in Ashburn.

People mostly are engaged in agriculture and work in plants where cotton, peanuts, and pecans are grown.

Drugs and alcohol usage is not so widespread in the region, though many suffer from addiction. To help them there are several facilities near Turner County.

Rehabs in Turner County

In this region, the most developed sphere is agriculture. The healthcare system is not so developed. So, to get the proper addiction treatment you will need to travel to a nearby center.

The nearest treatment center is Turning Point in Moultrie. It is around 37 miles away from Ashburn.

There you can receive inpatient and outpatient treatment. You can get your assessment and referral any time you want. The service is available 24/7.

In Tifton, which is almost 25 miles away, there is a nursing home. The Center of South Georgia is one of the oldest facilities in the state. Now it is a nursing home with around 170 older people. Provided services include short-term rehab, specialized memory care, etc.

Assessment, Detox, and Treatment Methods in Tuner County Rehabs

Although there are no rehabs in Turner County, you can find better ones near it. You can read about some of them above.

The patients may receive the following plans:

  • Inpatient programs

  • Outpatient programs

Rehab Programs

If you have decided to accept and overcome the addiction, the best way to start is to find a good therapist.

The clinics near Turner, giving both assessment and detox programs, are included in the provided services.

So, if you have chosen the clinic, the therapists will help you to determine a special plan for you.

Despite the type of rehabilitation, it would be better to start with inpatient detox. In general, during detoxification, when withdrawal symptoms appear, addicts seek to find a way to reduce unpleasant consequences.

In severe cases when patients need to take pills, they also receive medical control from the respective facility staff.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Planning

After detox, the addicts in severe cases and if their therapist recommends, continue with this type of plan.

During the recovery program, patients live in the center and are under control 24/7. They attend therapy every day. Also, they are far from the triggers that may lead to relapse.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Planning

The facilities near Ashburn suggest two types of outpatient plans: gender-specific and intensive outpatient treatment.

Gender-specific programs have separated genders and made specific approaches for men and women. This means that the group therapies and support group meetings are for only men or only women. This helps to speak more confidently and sincerely.

If you do not like this approach, you can choose intensive outpatient treatment. During the therapies, you will learn how to deal with triggers and live without substances.

Price and Payment Methods

Because of the costs that you will have to spend on traveling, the prices may seem higher. But, in general, it depends on the rehabilitation plan and how long you stay in the center.

Almost all centers accept private insurance. So, you had better check with your provider if they cover the rehabilitation costs.