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Rehabs in Bibb

Rehabs in Bibb

The county has a special geographical meaning for the state. It is located in the Macon metropolitan region and is the largest county in this area. The latter is the seat of Bibb.

It was established on December 9, 1822. The decision was made by the Georgia government that passed the law according to the Georgia Legislature.

According to the results of the census that was conducted in 2010, it has a population of about 155,547. 

Addiction Statistics 

NSDUH or the National Survey on Medication Use and Health is the facility that delivers statistical data at the national and state level about the use of:

  • cigarettes, 
  • alcohol, 
  • illegal drugs (including non-medical prescription drug use),
  • illicit drugs,
  • mental health. 

According to the results of the most recent survey, 6.51 percent of Georgians use illegal drugs within a month. To remind, the national average is 8.82 percent. 

Besides, 2.70 percent of Georgians said that they had used an illegal substance besides marijuana in the previous month.

Detoxication in Bibb Rehabs

Before passing on to a recovery course, it is always important to clean your body. There are different centers that may assist you with this. This is a good idea, as the professionals may help you to overcome the situation you are in.

By this, you start your long path of healing as this is a starting step. It prevents you from relapsing. Besides, it may help you pass on to the next stage of the therapy. 

After this process, you should go to a rehabilitation center. These centers as well can offer you this kind of service.

This stage is about your physical health. It helps your body get rid of unhealthy substances while the next stage concerns your mental health, emotional and spiritual conditions.

Recovery-Oriented Programs

These courses are created according to the situation of the person. Their needs are considered above all. 

Before partial hospitalization or taking an outpatient program, many people may prefer to begin with inpatient therapy. Besides this, they can choose what type and level of medication they need.

Types of the Treatments Delivered

As mentioned above, there are different types of cures. They are:

  • Residential 
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Outpatient 

Residential Treatment 

This is a special course during which you are under medical observation for 24 hours. This is good for those who have special cases of addiction and need detailed healing and attention.

In some cases, detoxification is a part of the program while in some other cases, the recovery programs require an in-advance-detoxification.

This particular approach has a special goal. It has been designed to help you comprehend the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps you study the abilities that will prevent the recurrence of substance use as well.

Partial Hospitalization

This is the next phase for those who finish the residential remedy. During this stage, you go to special sessions and share your story. You spend the day in the hospital and go home for the night.

It is a short-term but comprehensive restorative course. When compared to the residential one, it is considered to be a step below. Yet, it does not mean that the program is not enough for getting a sufficient cure.

Outpatient Treatment

This is the phase when people are free to get an outpatient cure. In this case, they live in their homes (not in a hospital) and go to work, school or university. To be short, they lead a normal life. They only visit the rehab centers several times a week.

During these visits, they consult with their doctors and receive relevant advice and prescriptions. If we compare this phase with the previous ones, it is cheaper as people are at home and do not have to spend more.

Outpatient Centres 

River Edge Behavioral Health Center 

175 Emery Highway, Macon, GA 31217. 

6426.78 mile

GPA Treatment of Macon Inc 

6132 Hawkinsville Road, Macon, GA 31216. 

6436.66 mile

Community Development Systems 

577 Mulberry Street, Macon, GA 31201. 

6429.59 mile

Trinity Treatment Center Inc 

1221 Newberg Avenue, Macon, GA 31206. 

6432.63 mile