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Rehabs in Candler

Rehabs in Candler

Candler County is located in the southeast of Georgia, United States. It was formed in 1914. The county got its name from Allen D. Candler, who was the 56th governor of the state of Georgia. Metter is its seat and the primary city.

The county is famous for its nature and beautiful views. It is a source of restoration, peace, and comfort for thousands of visitors each year. The locals enjoy it as well, as being in nature has positive effects on their health. That does not keep some residents from developing unhealthy habits. More and more people start abusing substances every day.

Because of that, there may be a drug epidemic in the near future. The local authorities are worried about its consequences. That is why they support establishing Candler County rehabs.

Substance Abuse Statistics

In 2005-2010, overdose death cases increased from 3 to 14 per 100,000 residents in Georgia. Because of that, the crime rate also increased across the state.

In Candler County, the yearly overdose death rate is 6. The locals mainly abuse marijuana, prescription opioids, and heroin. It affects their lives as well as their social well-being. To elaborate, because of that, unemployment and other disease levels also rise.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

When you or a loved one start seeking help, you may come across different treatment plans. At first, it is difficult to understand which one might suit you best. Accordingly, you should do some research and educate yourself beforehand. Luckily, we have done the research for you. You may find general information about each of them below.


Detox comes as the first requirement of the recovery process. However easy it may seem, giving up substances may have bad consequences. They are called withdrawal symptoms. To manage those symptoms, medical intervention is mandatory. Otherwise, the patient may not be able to cope with them on his own.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient or residential care is provided at a facility 24/7. There are inpatient plans for every addiction. Whether it is alcohol or drugs, the clinicians have got you covered. You will receive high-quality care here. Also, you may receive education on alcoholism or drug dependency.

In general, the care lasts from 30 to 90 days. The duration depends on many factors such as severity, relapse history, used substances, and so on.

Outpatient Rehab

If a person is addicted, it does not mean that he/she has to isolate from the outside world. Especially now, receiving care and pursuing other goals at the same time is quite common. Outpatient programs serve this purpose. They are very popular for that.

As a rule, OP offers several types of therapy, which take place 3-5 times a week. Each session lasts 1-3 hours, based on the client’s needs.

Rehab Centers in Candler County

We know that choosing the right facility might be overwhelming. Every center seems to have unlimited services.

You may see some of the most reliable ones below:

  • Pineland Candler Counseling Center provides comprehensive services to individuals with SUD. The services include assessment, individual, group and family therapy, relapse prevention, and aftercare.

  • St. Joseph's offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy to its patients. They are provided mainly on an outpatient basis.

  • Candler County Hospital is another facility for addiction rehabilitation. With a variety of therapy options, it remains a leading hospital in the region. The wellness services and fitness center accompany the treatment procedures.

Fees and Payment Options

There is no fixed price for every treatment program. Many things affect the final amount. It could be the number of days or the quality of care.

Normally, a 30-day plan may cost $7,000 for inpatients and $3,000 for outpatients. Please note that these are only approximate fees. Thus, if you need precise information, you can contact the clinic.