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Rehabs in Twiggs

Rehabs in Twiggs

Twiggs is the geographic center of the state of Georgia. It occupies 360 square miles of area. The current population is approximately 8,500. The seat is Jeffersonville.

The main developed areas are forestry, farming, and the mining and processing of kaolin. It is used in makeup, paint, and the manufacture of paper.

According to the statistics, around 12% of the population drinks almost every day and has problems with substance use. 22.9% of adults are current smokers. Although nearly one in five deaths is caused by cigarettes, the percentage of smokers does not increase.

About 25% of adults have mental health disorders. More than 36% receive treatment.

Unfortunately, drug use is also common in the region.

Twigs County Rehab Centers

Those who have suffered from substance abuse and are searching for a rehabilitation center in Twiggs County will find Advanced Health and Rehabilitation.

It is a facility, where advanced nurses and therapists will help you to recover after surgery, fractures, injuries, etc. In one word, it is a nursing home, which provides short-term and long-term rehabilitation. The specialized services include:

  • Speech therapy

  • Respiratory therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Nutritional counseling

Patients come here with their recovery plans. Therapists and nurses help them and take care of them. They pass therapies if needed and provide medicine on time.

Despite the situation with drugs and alcohol in the region, there are not any recovery facilities there.

Rehab Programs Near Twiggs County Rehabs

Alcohol dependence and drug addiction are huge problems for addicts and their family members. To overcome this problem and live a sober life, you should apply to a good clinic.

To find one in the state of Georgia is not so hard. In this region, near Jeffersonville, there are several centers with good programs and approaches. The nearest counties to Twiggs are Bibb, Bleckley, Houston, Jones, Laurens, and Wilkinson.

One of them, Laurens, is famous for its facilities, which provide inpatient and outpatient services.


Many facilities provide specialists to help patients with their assessments. They create a special and individual plan for each patient.


The second step is detox. This is the same for everybody.

Before you learn how to live without substances, you should clean your body. To avoid the unpleasant consequences that you will have during the withdrawal, it would be better to stay in the hospital. You will be under the control of specialists and receive medical control if needed.

Treatment Methods and Services

The centers near Jeffersonville provide the following services:

  • Outpatient Planning

  • Inpatient Planning

  • Short-term/ Long-term Planning

The therapist will determine which plan is better for you.

Outpatient Planning

After detoxification, when your body is clean, you can stay in the hospital. If it is impossible, or the addiction is not so severe, you continue with the outpatient plan.

As a rule, it lasts longer. You attend personal therapies, support group sessions, and meetings with your family members.

Inpatient Planning

In general, it is the most recommended and effective approach. The duration is 30 days. During this time, besides therapies and sessions, you can learn how to keep yourself sober and cope with triggers.

Short-term and Long-term Planning

30 days may not be enough. That is why in some centers, long-term plans are offered. In general, they last 60 to 90 days. The short-term plan duration is around two weeks.

Price and Payment Methods

The rehab costs depend on the facility's location and recovery plan. For Jeffersonville residents, the costs may be higher, as the prices include the travel costs.

As a payment method, the centers accept private insurance.