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Rehabs in Lee

Rehabs in Lee

Lee is a U.S. county located in the state of Georgia. Leesburg is the main seat in the area. With an overall 362 square miles, the population of the county is about 29,000. According to the latest census, there are about 8,229 households and more than 6,797 families in Lee. The racial makeup is primarily comprised of White (82.24%). Black or African Americans are also making a considerable percentage (15.50%). Others are Native Americans (0.24%), Asians (0.84%), etc.

The main spheres like education and healthcare are facing constant developments, although there are still big and minor issues to be solved. One of the major healthcare problems that are a ground for concern is drug addiction.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Addiction cases have faced a considerable rise in recent years throughout the country. Georgia is not an exception. Of the registered 1,307 fatal overdose cases, almost 68% are due to opioid consumption.

Georgia is among the ten most opioid-inflicted states. What is more, the situation doesn’t seem to change for the better. Just the opposite. During the Pandemic, addiction cases almost coupled in number all over the state, becoming almost unmanageable.

To make positive changes in the field, the local government collaborates with Lee County rehabs. With joint efforts, hopefully, there will be a movement for the better.

Lee County Rehab Centers

Rehabs in Lee County are designed for the public benefit. Different institutions offer different services. When patients look for options to start their journey of recovery, they should carefully choose a center, where the offerings meet their expectations.

Throughout the country, drug addiction services are very similar. However, they are altered based on the client’s state, level of dependency on drugs, and health history. The main types of treatment are inpatient, outpatient, and sometimes, their combination.

Types of Programs

When the final choice of rehab is made, a person should further discuss with a specialist or a group of specialists what course they are going with. It is important to make primary estimations of how long the process will take, what type of support will be more beneficial for that particular patient, and altogether predetermine the main steps of the process.

Clients often do not know the difference between various offerings. Specialists should guide them through this and choose the best curing plan.

For instance, inpatient care is not for everyone. It is a serious 24/7 residential help when the residents are under constant care and attention. The duration can vary, starting from 30 days at least, and ranging up to 90 days, and sometimes even more. However, not all patients need this kind of strict supervision and long-term help.

Many Lee County residents suffer only from mild addictions. For them, outpatient help is the best choice. All in all, the outpatient option seems less stressful, as it does not require long and disturbing stays, closed up in rehab. People who choose outpatient treatment mostly go on living a full life only slightly altering their schedules.

Detoxification, Aftercare, and Relapse

Detox is the first and most important step in the journey of recovery. It is crucial, and its success determines the whole course of treatment. Anyway, going through it single-handedly means putting your health at risk.

Aftercare is the last stage of recovery. It is the phase, where all the positive changes and results of the treatment are stabilized. Examples of aftercare are psychological consultations, group therapies, etc. In this respect, different hospitals offer different services, trying to stand out for their uniqueness and usefulness.

Another important phenomenon is relapse. Its name alone is quite distressing. Anyway, professionals see relapse as a natural and inseparable part of the curing process. The prior experience of relapse does not necessarily mean that the history will repeat itself. Quite the opposite. The second try can be more successful, as the person is more experienced and will take the treatment more seriously this time.

Luxury Rehabs

For many, luxury centers are an unrealistic experience, as usually they are insanely expensive. However, substance abuse is common for popular and rich people, too, who highly value their confidentiality. Thus, luxury centers are the best choice for them, offering seclusion, luxurious ambiance, and high-quality services.

Addiction Treatment Costs

Unfortunately, it is the high costs of the services that prevent many from getting help. Generally, the prices start from $4,000 to $5,000 and go all the way to $20,000. The difference in the cost is based on the type of help, duration, variety of services, and many other aspects. This, however, should not be a hindrance and block the path to a healthier life. Think about this, nothing is more important than health!