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Rehabs in Troup

Rehabs in Troup

Troup County is situated in the west of the central part of the state of Georgia. According to 2020 data, the population is around 70,000 people. The seat is LaGrange. It is quite a big city with many places of interest. Among them are the Government Center, LaGrange city hall, memorial library, etc.

There are several big cities in the county and many places for entertainment. According to the statistics, drugs and alcohol are common. People especially use substances in clubs.

As shown in the data, within the last 2 years, drug overdose deaths increased by around 56% in the state of Georgia. For that, many facilities are opened to help to prevent substance abuse there.

Rehab Centers in Troup County

Substance abuse is a big problem in this region. However, there are not any facilities providing inpatient planning. To receive more intensive substance abuse treatment, you will need to travel. There are two good outpatient centers.

Those centers are Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services and Pathways Center Troup County Behavioral Health Clinic. They are located on Lincoln Street, in the city of LaGrange.

Both Facilities provide outpatient addiction treatment. The services you may get in these clinics include:

  • Group or individual therapies

  • Support group sessions

  • Dual diagnosis treatment

  • Medication management

Also, there is a clinic where you can get your assessment. Addiction Recovery Service is located on Ridley Avenue. Therapists will help you to determine the plan that will best work for you.

There are 4 detox centers in this region and all of them are located in LaGrange.


If you have decided to overcome your problem and live without drugs or alcohol, the first thing you should do is get your assessment. It will help you to choose the best clinic and plan for you.


After you get your assessment, you will have to pass through the withdrawal. It is considered the hardest part. Sometimes patients may feel depressed or have some physical problems. So, they have to take medicine to overcome it easier. That’s why during withdrawal, therapists usually recommend living in the center.

Outpatient Program

When the addiction is not severe and the patient feels that he can keep himself sober, therapists recommend an outpatient program. It may last longer and during this time, you will attend support group sessions, personal therapies, medicine control, etc.

Inpatient Program

To receive good inpatient treatment, you should travel to Columbus. There are the best services near Troup County. For example, Columbus Women’s Rehab offers addiction recovery plans for women.

New Horizons Behavioral Health offers plans for everybody who has drug or alcohol addiction or mental problems.

Also, Newnan Center of Renewed Promises offers medication-assisted treatment to patients dealing with substance abuse disorders.

According to the results shared by addicts, inpatient planning is the best and the most effective. You live in facilities and have no connection with your triggers. Patients are under the control of professionals and can overcome withdrawal easily.

Payment Methods and Prices

In all rehabs, private insurance is accepted. So, please check with your provider whether they cover the rehabilitation costs.

The prices depend on the planning type. The outpatient program is cheaper, but it lasts longer. So, before you start your rehabilitation, take into consideration this fact.

Many facilities offer special payment plans if you need help and provide documents to prove it.

It is important to know that no person should avoid getting treatment because of the fees. Every person has the right to have access to addiction services no matter his/her financial status.