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Rehabs in Hancock

Rehabs in Hancock

Hancock is a county in the US state of Georgia, with a total area of 479 square miles. Sparta is the seat. Tourism is very developed in this county. For many years, it has been considered to be the best place for people with different preferences. To clarify, there is always something interesting for anyone who comes here for the first time.

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction has been ruining many lives in this county, too. The need of struggling against the disease has forced the government to construct various Hancock County rehabs to deal with the problem. This guide will take you through all the stages you are to pass whenever you decide to start your recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Stages

The whole recovery process is divided into several important stages. Each one has its specific function and purpose.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

The assessment process provides a deep dive into the scale of substance use for both diagnosis and making plans for addiction treatment. Well-organized evaluation reveals the disease in its depth.

During the assessment, you must focus your whole attention on the details connected with abuse history, drug type, behavior, etc. A questionnaire will be given to you for completing and then discussing it with your counselor. After consulting, he will give you recommendations for your care options, which start with medical detox.


Detox is the next vital stage. When you struggle against the disease, it means that you struggle especially against the various harmful substances. So, these substances may interfere with the recovery process. That is why before the main recovery process, you must be free of toxins. Medical detox focuses on this very purpose.

As very often the dependence withdrawal symptoms may be very severe, you had better have the process medically supervised. Despite this, detoxing at home is also possible. 3-7 days is quite enough for that.


Inpatient facilities deal with very serious cases. Their care programs are around the clock. To clarify, you are to stay at the facility till full recovery. Living in a medical environment can help you maintain sobriety faster, as the outdoor triggers are already powerless to impact you.

The individualized approach provides the desired result. The medical staff members have more than 20 years of experience and deal with each case professionally.


If you are new to addiction and want to get rid of it, outpatient rehabs can best help you. To clarify, they deal with milder cases. So, staying at the clinic all day long does not make sense. After daily care programs, you can get back to your work, home, everyday lifestyle, etc.

The care approach is individualized for every single client and is very effective.

It is not a secret that after finishing residential treatment, you may come across the same triggers and relapse may take place. So, to prevent it, you will need aftercare programs that are available in outpatient facilities. Medical examinations and regular check-ups may help you with that.

Costs and Payment Options

Very often payment related issues become barriers for most people not attending a rehab center. Luckily, various programs are helping in the coverage of treatment expenses. The most popular one is insurance, which helps to cover the prices either completely or partially. Yet, some people do not have insurance. There are various programs available for them, too.

The cost and payment options differ from facility to facility. In other words, there is no defined price. You may apply to any of your local rehab centers and get details on price determination and supporting programs.

Luxury Rehab Fees

Being financially stable will allow you to get treatment in a luxurious environment. The prices are high and not affordable for every person. Anyway, the high-class living settings and treatment options accompanied by pastime activities will make your treatment unforgettable and full of joy.

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

Forcing a teenager to do anything is not always beneficial, especially in this case. As a rule, an addicted child becomes wayward and stubborn, refusing to attend a rehab center. Medical experts and psychologists may deal with the case professionally if you turn to their help.