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Rehabs in Habersham

Rehabs in Habersham

Habersham is an economically advanced county in the US state of Georgia. The county provides access to a multitude of valuable resources for those who deal with various kinds of businesses aiming to be the best place for doing business.

Agriculture is the main industry. In addition, tourism is an integral factor in the economic development and growth.

Anyway, the region has a serious medical concern that impacts all spheres of life. It is a drug and alcohol addiction. Any substance becomes dangerous for a person when misused, leading to various health problems including heart disease and cancer. The necessity of struggling against the disease makes the government construct Habersham County rehabs.

Substance Misuse Evaluation

Evaluation is to assess the addiction level and make a diagnosis for the recovery process. It is worth mentioning that the whole recovery process benefits depend on evaluation results. Accordingly, a counselor or a therapist holds the process with you. Although the process is very simple, it demands deep attention to every detail, as everything matters in this stage.

A questionnaire will be delivered to you for completion, which contains various questions on your abuse. Based on your written answers, the counselor will ask you additional questions.

Detoxification in Habersham County Rehabs

After completing the evaluation part, a recovery path will be designed for you. That path begins with the detoxification stage.

This is the first vital step in the recovery path helping you approach the desired sobriety. The matter is that any treatment needs one's body to be substance-free. It is possible only through detoxification. To clarify, within up to 7 days, you detox your body and get it free of toxins and various harmful substances under medical strict supervision.


Residential rehab centers in Habersham County provide 24 hours of medical support to those who suffer from not only drug and alcohol addiction but also other mental health issues.

Gaining sobriety is easier when there is the client's and the medical staff's joint work. It is only possible in inpatient rehab centers, as you focus on the recovery process, being far from outdoor triggers. In other words, you are to stay at the facility till your final recovery. The clinics offer all the amenities you may need.

Generally, a usual stay lasts 30 days except for rare cases, when a patient has to be treated for up to a year.


Luckily, many addicted people find power in themselves and apply for treatment at the very beginning of the disease. Outpatient rehabs are there to treat these mild and just beginning cases. Anyway, this does not mean that these clinics are less effective. On the contrary, they provide many effective care options.

An average stay is 30 days with a slight difference. That is, living at the facility is not necessary. You just need to attend a clinic several hours a day or a week, after which you can continue your usual lifestyle.

Besides, outpatient rehab offers programs for aftercare purposes. It aims to help patients prevent relapsing.

Costs and Payment Options

There is no defined price for rehabilitation services. Each clinic has its payment system and costs. Everything matters while determining the payment amount. Among them are treatment duration, option, facility type, amenities, and many other factors.

If you have insurance, you can make use of it or search for other programs that support you financially. You can get details on those programs at any local rehab center.

Every person can find an affordable treatment option, as there are low-cost and very expensive rehab centers.

Luxury Rehabs

Luxury clinics are very expensive because of their luxury amenities, high-class treatment, and also many other pastime activities. Here you gain sobriety faster, as you do not feel overwhelmed and the time passes in a pleasant environment. The payment amount is about $100,000 and more for a month.

Helping Your Teen Attend Rehab

For a parent of an addicted child, it is difficult to find ways out, as he/she also needs help. Some medical experts can deal with the case professionally. Thus, you had better ask a therapist and psychologist for help. They have special tricks for persuading a teen into rehab.