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Rehabs in Coffee

Rehabs in Coffee

With a county seat of Douglas, Coffee County is one of the medium-sized areas in the state of Georgia in the US. According to the 2020 census, the population in this region was about 43,100 people.

Generally, the state is one of the most dangerous and high-ranked areas in the United States, where the addiction level is high. That is why, there are some rehabs in Coffee County, Georgia, where the addicts receive care and try to get back to a regular and healthy life.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

During the last few years, drug and alcohol addiction levels have increased. Many people have availability to illicit substances, which, in its turn, leads to more dependencies. Mainly, the addicts are unemployed residents who in general have neither families nor jobs.

As of several comprehensive research, Georgians mostly use methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine. While these drugs are commonly widespread in the older generation, the younger ones mainly consume MDMA, GHB club drugs, as well as marijuana.

In any case, no matter whether you have an addiction to alcohol or illicit substances, the problem is very huge. And, the solution should start with you. That is why we are going to talk about rehabilitation centers to guide and help you to get out of this situation correctly and reasonably.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Coffee County, GA

Addicted people generally try to deal with their problems alone without accepting any help from others. However, this is not the right way to overcome this issue. It is essential to find a reliable and experienced counselor who may advise you and put you in the right direction.

New Hope Recovery House is one of the most experienced and skillful centers where knowledgeable specialists help every patient. They have several centers throughout the US, and one of them is situated in Ethel Street, Douglas at the zip code GA, 31533.

They have an evaluation program by which the counselors understand what kind of care the addict should receive. After this step, comes the related therapies and aftercare programs.

For more information, you may contact them by the following phone number: (912) 384-4490.


Based on the general statistics, detox is the hardest part of the care. Although it is not a cure, patients have great difficulty agreeing to undergo this phase.

So, try to find strength in yourself and no matter how hard it is, clean your body of toxic substances, be it alcohol or drugs. In this way, you will restore a stable healthy state of your body, improve blood circulation, and say goodbye to insomnia (if it already exists). Believe that you are not alone in this difficult path and let the experts help you.

Services Offered by the New Hope Recovery House

After passing comprehensive counseling, each patient is offered suitable care for his/her state of body and mind. People who also have mental issues may take other programs from those who have only physical issues. Though, these addiction problems are mainly accompanied by mental problems as well.


This type of treatment allows the patient to live in a warm and caring environment, surrounded by professional and attentive specialists. Depending on the level, the process can take 3-6 months, or sometimes more than one year. This is suitable for those who do not have permanent employment or can put aside all their work, giving priority to their health.


People who do not want to be away from home all the time or are employed, but must receive treatment, mostly choose outpatient treatment. But for this service too, it is necessary to have an appropriate level and relatively lighter condition. The duration also depends on how quickly and easily you will overcome your dependency.

Note that all types of treatments may be received by either individual or group therapies depending on your desire. Besides, the center offers its services to all people regardless of their sex, age, race, religion, etc.

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

One of the most difficult and undesirable things is when you discover that your child has a dependency. Unfortunately, nowadays, alcohol or drug use is considered very cool because of some movies or songs. However, in real life, this is just a painful phenomenon, against which immediate measures should be taken.

If you find that your teen has started using illegal substances, you should take immediate steps to prevent this. Never assume that the problem will go away on its own or just wait for your child to get over it. Remembering that a teenager is a defenseless and not fully conscious person, you should take full responsibility for yourself, find the best specialist or center, and accompany your child there.