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Rehabs in Barrow

Rehabs in Barrow

In the north-central part of the US state Georgia is located the county of Barrow. The population here was 83,505 as of the 2020 statistics. Winder is the county seat.

In fact, this region was composed of parts of Walton, Gwinnett, and Jackson counties when Georgia voters accepted a constitutional amendment on November 3, 1914. Despite the prospering development of the province, issues like substance abuse are quite common among residents (mainly working).

So, the province devotes its time to maintaining a work environment free from the negative influence of employee drug and alcohol abuse. In short, the abuse creates serious risks of physical damage to employees and the public.

So, the employees are not allowed to possess, sell, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while on province property or business at any time. Also, to fight against this widespread disorder the government has opened multiple rehabs in Barrow county.

Main Recovery Programs

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab provides 24 hours of care during which patients don’t leave the treatment setting. This program is often referred to as residential treatment.

Long-term Residential

Even though there is medical support provided on-site, this program provides around-the-clock care in a non-hospital facility. The offered cure plans vary in length, yet the well-known one is the therapeutic community (TC), which usually lasts from 6 to 12 months.

This type emphasizes resocializing the addicted person with the help of different activities that apply to the community of other residents and staff (as a resource). The main goal is to help patients lead productive lives and reach personal accountability.

Short-term Residential

This type typically lasts shorter than 3 months, yet the recovery doesn’t end with the patient’s leaving the treatment facility. The cure is expected to continue through an outpatient plan. These are provided by both specialized residential remedy facilities and hospitals.

Outpatient Treatment

Typically, outpatient plans offer the same services as inpatient ones, however, the addicted person does not have to stay at the clinic all the time. Instead, he/she lives at home and attends the facility for arranged remedy sessions, usually a few hours daily or a few days weekly.

Choosing Between Inpatient and Outpatient Plans

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of these two courses, it is not possible to claim that one model is more effective than the other one in all cases.

It is clear to all that long-term substance abuse remedy usually results in a decrease in drug/alcohol usage and sobriety. Whereas, there seem to be no major differences in recovery rates between inpatient and outpatient rehabs.

In fact, the positive outcomes of rehabilitation depend on the intensity and duration of the course rather than a specific facility or patient population. So, it is better to consider each type’s advantages and disadvantages and make up your mind depending on your individual recovery needs.

Luxury Settings

Some people prefer getting treated in luxury rehabilitation facilities that offer splendid amenities and many privileges. Yet, because of the offered services the prices of the cure plans are higher compared to the standard clinics.

Here we have separated two of this province’s luxury clinics:

Project Adam Community Assistance Center INC

This is an upscale substance addiction rehabilitation center. Patients have access to the following services of the center:

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Long-term residential remedy

  • Buprenorphine cure and maintenance

  • Regular and intensive outpatient rehab

  • Development of social skills

  • Case management

  • Self-help groups

  • Continuing care and aftercare

  • Relapse prevention from naltrexone and its administration

Location: 112 Lanthier Street, Winder, GA 30680, Barrow

Barrow County Clinic

Barrow County Clinic is a luxurious drug and alcohol rehab clinic with these upscale services for addicted people:

  • Substance use remedy

  • Outpatient (regular) plan

  • Outcome follow-up (after discharge)

  • Housing services and transportation assistance

  • Case management

Location: 98 Lanthier Street, Winder, GA 30680, Barrow