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Rehabs in Treutlen

Rehabs in Treutlen

Treutlen County is located in the east of the central part of the state of Georgia. It is small but safe and beautiful. The seat is Soperton, which is a home for the Million Pines Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival takes place every year during the first weekend in November.

One of the famous places in the city is Treutlen County Health and Rehabilitation Center. Here almost 50 old men and women live and are under the care of professionals.

It is also a rehabilitation center, where you can receive medical assistance such as physical therapy, medication support, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. There are trained and professional nurses who will take care of you 24/7.

Rehab Centers Near Treutlen County

There are no drug and alcohol rehabs in Treutlen County. But, there are several good ones near it. For example, it is Behavioral Health Services of South GA Project Light for Women. It is situated in Valdosta, which is almost 17 miles away from Soperton.

The provided treatment methods include outpatient, methadone/buprenorphine or Vivitrol, and regular treatment. You can get similar services in clinics located in Dublin, Suwanee, and in Vidalia.

If you need to receive inpatient treatment, you can apply to Willingway. It is in Statesboro, which is around 47 miles away from Soperton. The services they provide include detoxification, substance abuse treatment, and transitional housing for halfway houses. This means that they provide a temporary home for people who need shelter and are getting back on their feet after rehabilitation.

You can find clinics with similar services in Statesboro, Dublin, etc.

Sometimes patients have co-occurring symptoms. In the medical world, this is called dual diagnosis. One of the best centers near the city where the problem can be treated is Pineland BHDD Appling Counseling Center. It is in Baxley, around 46 miles away from Soperton.

Assessment and Detox in Treutlen County Rehabs

The first step you should take when you have decided to fight your problem is meeting with a therapist. He will determine the severity of your addiction and make a special plan for you.

Despite the planning type, you will have to go through withdrawal. As it is harder to do it alone, there are special detox clinics near Treutlen. For example, there is a good one in Dublin.

Sometimes, when patients need to take medicine, they can feel sick and may need help 24/7. That’s why in some inpatient clinics, detox is included in the recovery program.

Services provided by the above-mentioned centers include:

  • Outpatient

  • Inpatient

  • Short/long-term inpatient

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In general, therapists recommend it when the patient can keep himself away from triggers or when the addiction is not so severe.

The plan includes therapies, support group sessions, meetings with your family members, and training to learn how to stay sober.

If the patient needs to take medicine, the plan may also include medication control.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The course duration is 30 days. During this time, you receive all the services mentioned above. Plus, you are under the care and control of nurses and specialists 24/7. The most important part is that you are far from the triggers that may lead you to relapse.

Short and Long-Term Inpatient Rehab

In some cases, 30 days may be more or not enough. That’s why in many clinics this type of planning is very effective.

Patients live in hospitals for 2 weeks or more than a month. They get the same care and assistance but live out of their general lifestyle for longer or less than 30 days.

Price and Payment Methods

The price for rehabilitation depends on the recovery plan.

In Treutlen County, a nursing home's monthly cost is around $5,000.

Almost all centers accept private insurance and offer a special payment plan. For this, you should submit several documents to show that you need assistance.