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Rehabs in Brantley

Rehabs in Brantley

Brantley is located in the southeastern portion of the US state of Georgia. Its population was 18,021 as of the 2020 statistics. The county’s seat is Nahunta. The province is part of the Brunswick, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was formed in 1920, from parts of Charlton, Pierce, and Wayne counties.

The Brantley County Mental Health Department, situated in Nahunta, GA, is a government agency concentrated on the prevention and treatment of substance use problems and mental illnesses. Also, the Mental Health Department provides programs and services for recovery to residents suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

Additionally, special drug and alcohol rehabs in Brantley county offer various rehabilitation programs to addicted people.

Addiction Treatment Options

As an addict seeking good recovery, you must find a rehab center that will cover all your needs. Very often an individual suffering from substance misuse addiction is also losing to other mental health issues.

So, if you find yourself suffering from alcohol or drugs, it is of most importance to receive assistance as soon as possible. To fight dependence, start with the following rehab programs.


Inpatient substance rehab starts with drug/alcohol detoxification and later on relies on health living education and intense individual and group therapy sessions to help people change to sober and productive lifestyles after release.

When a person completes an inpatient cure plan, he/she has all the tools to live a sober life. This rehab is the best chance for addicts to save their own lives. During their stay at the clinic patients have little free time as they are busy from early morning till midnight.


Outpatient drug rehab is surely more cost-effective than inpatient one. Yet, the effectiveness of the two rehabs is similar, addicts relapse in both programs at about the same rate.

Outpatient rehabilitation tends to be just as demanding as inpatient plans. The main differences are that sleeping at your home and going to work are in the mix. Outpatient plans are arranged so that patients can get treatment when they are at work.

During this program, tests happen more frequently, but it is a safety mechanism to make sure addicts are not using substances while in recovery.

Some Centers

If you search for reliable rehabilitation clinics near you, here we have brought two of the well-known centers in/near Nahunta, Brantley. Get acquainted with each facility’s services below:

Unison Brantley County Adult Behavioral Health Services

This facility envisions caring, healthy, and vibrant communities where all individuals have the chance to live meaningful, productive lives. Unison provides the following services:

  • Peer support

  • Psychiatry

  • Crisis intervention

  • Transportation assistance

  • Medication assistance treatment (MAT)

  • Case management

  • Nursing evaluations

  • Home-based services

  • Individual/group/family therapies

  • Telehealth services

Located: 434 Bryan Street, GA - 31553, Nahunta

Contact: (912) 462-5849

Working hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Also, here payment assistance is available, just check with the facility for more details.

Treatment Center of Waycross

This center is 21.5 miles from Nahunta. Patients may receive remedy options like:

  • Outpatient program (regular)

  • Telemedicine/cognitive/behavior therapies

  • Relapse prevention

  • Substance misuse counseling/education/screening

  • Continuing care or aftercare

  • Comprehensive drug/alcohol abuse evaluation

  • Drug/alcohol urine screening

  • Housing assistance

  • Discharge planning

  • Individual counseling

Located: 1766 Memorial Drive, Waycross, GA. 31501

Contact: 912-285-2658