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Rehabs in Lamar

Rehabs in Lamar

Lamar is a county in the west central part of Georgia, with a total area of 186 square miles. It is a traditional rural area with beautiful landscapes. Its seat Barnesville was called the buggy capital of the south. It used to produce thousands of buggies.

According to the latest census, 18,500 people reside here. It is also a tourist destination with numerous murals and antique stores. Also, it is a great place to run a business, as it is home to almost 20 manufacturers.

However, the locals face some medical concerns. Just as in other areas throughout the state, overdose deaths are a problem here as well. As noted by the local health department, 80% of such deaths happen at home. Therefore, it’s better to start searching for rehab in Lamar County.

Not many people in rural areas have access to high-quality rehab. However, there are options nearby and this article will teach you how to make a choice.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Once you enter the clinic, you have to pass several obligatory stages. The first is an evaluation of your condition. This means that a certified specialist will assess your current condition. It is not a medical examination in traditional terms. First, you will fill in the questionnaire. It’s very important to present the history of your addiction, previous experience, the number of relapses, and so on. Based on your answers, the expert will make a diagnosis and recommend a type of treatment.


This is the first step on the way to recovering from addiction. The patient has to get rid of drugs gradually. It is not an easy process and has to be completed under medical monitoring.

Medication-assisted treatment helps patients in coping with withdrawal symptoms and stabilize their conditions. There are physical reactions to medications that are usually unpleasant and even dangerous. They include trembling, muscle pain, fatigue, sweating, and depression.

Once this stage is over, it is time to start long-term rehabilitation. Usually, it is inpatient care for people with serious symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab

Most experts believe that long-term residential care is the best option. In general, it helps change patients’ lifestyles. Staying at the facility 24/7 makes a person bear responsibility for his recovery.

It usually includes group and individual therapy, skills-building sessions, and family therapy. Additionally, the number one advantage is that you live in a completely sober environment. Nothing distracts you from full rehabilitation.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient care does not require overnight stays. However, it is not less effective. A person typically visits a clinic several days a week. The intensity depends on the individual cases. Another advantage is that outpatient programs are more affordable.

WestCare Guidance Center is for those looking for Lamar County rehabs. Located in Barnesville, it offers individual and group therapy as well as case management.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Programs are an alternative to inpatient care. It is a step up from traditional outpatient care. The patient usually spends at least 4-6 hours in the facility but does not stay at night.

Such therapy can also include the treatment of co-occurring mental disorders. For example, this is a good option for those who are over with the residential program but are at risk of relapse.

Teen Rehabs

Sending a child to rehab is a difficult decision. Thus, it is important to find a specialized center, as teens have unique needs when it comes to treatment. In legal terms, parents can send minors under 18 without their consent. Experts recommend having an open and sincere conversation with your teen.

The parents are those who must tell them addiction would ruin their lives. In some cases, choosing the facility together may be a good point to start with.